"So you are the Conjurer"
The Queen
"Amazing. The best I have ever seen"
Nicholas Cage
"You're the man"
Sir Paul McCartney
"Where's my Watch gone?"
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
"I love your work"
Harry Hill
"Incredible stuff and hilarious"
Dustin Hoffman
"Mad as a hatter!"
Cilla Black
"You amaze me every time"
Ringo Starr

Stage Show Reviews


Whilst having a long weekend in Bath we booked this off the back of great Trip Advisor reviews, that was a great idea, we’ve see Derren Brown in London, Penn & Teller in Vegas, but this was every bit as good. What a great show and with such a small intimate venue composed of 24 in the audience pretty much everyone interacts with the magician, great entertainment and above the Ale House who serve some great real Ales.

A hilarious and clever magic show, great way to spend an evening!

Ben Woodward was great! Amazing slight of hand magic, and he kept it entertaining with great humour. Everyone kept on laughing. Highly recommend!

Well worth it!

Thoroughly recommended -I laughed non stop. Ben Woodward is like Paul Daniels crossed with Derren Brown crossed with Eddie Izzard!

Thoroughly entertaining

I can only echo the other reviews on here! We saw Ben Woodward and he was brilliant. Slight of hand magic mixed with comedy. A thoroughly entertaining way to spend the night. If you like magic, or comedy, you definitely won’t be disappointed!


One of the funniest, most entertaining shows I’ve been to. Ben Woodward is simply amazing with a show that blows your mind & has you laughing out loud. The small audience really adds to the show, you feel part of it.

I cannot recommend this enough, I’ve been downstairs to the magic bar before (which is great) but this is well worth a special trip & excellent value for money. Awesome bar staff too!

Best family entertainment

I booked this show for a Saturday evening we would spend in Bath, looking for family entertainment but not theatre or concert as we’ve already had a lot from both this month. This is a hidden venue upstairs the Ale House pub, a small 30 seat room where the very talented magician and comedian Ben Woodward managed to cheat, entertain, keep us laughing and participating for 90 minutes on his own. Ok, with a little help from some of us, the audience. I can’t recommend this show enough.


I booked this as we were staying in Bath for a long weekend and wanted to find something different to do in the evening. I was skeptical if it was going to be good if I’m honest but was delightfully surprised by Ben Woodward and his show. His magic was mind bendingly amazing, he was very funny and we left scratching our heads and talking about it for the rest of the night. I’d definitely recommend you sitting on the front row, he didn’t pick on us or embarrass us or anything, we were used as assistants and got the closest view to the most brilliant sleight of hand magic.
It’s a 100% must see thing to do whilst you’re here!! It’s also very child friendly!

Thanks Ben for a great night!

A Very Entertaining Evening

We visited Krowd Keepers on friday night on our first visit to Bath.
I must say it was exceptional and although a small venue , that just added to the atmosphere and allowed everyone to feel and be involved.

Ben was equally funny as he was good with his magic, especially as he was up against it, a family had just recently seen David Copperfield. A thoroughly entertaining evening that I recommend to everyone of all ages.

A Magical evening

This was my first magic show and enjoyed every single minute. Ben Woodward was funny, entertaining and did some very cool magic. Would definitely recommend and go again.

Fantastic night

Friday night with Ben Woodward was amazing. The venue is small so get there early and sit at the front. The magician was very clever, extremely funny and kept us laughing all evening. His show was amazing and involved the audience. I stood beside him and still don’t know how he did it. Like a personal magic show. Would be good for older children. I liked the fact that the show was clean and Ben did not rely on smutty jokes or swearing to get laughs. Very good value for £10.

Magic with Ben

He is very funny and entertaining. The entire show is a delight. The place is tiny, still I could not make how he does his tricks. Highly recommend!

Great Entertainment

We are two couples who bought tickets for this event, not expecting very much, but came away absolutely agreeing it was one of the best shows we had seen for a long time. Sheer entertainment from beginning to end. The magic was first class and had us all totally baffled, but the delivery and presence of Ben made the show a first class, truly professional performance.

You may get asked to participate, as we did, but it is not compulsory and Ben does everything to unsure nobody feels embarrassed. He is quick witted and just so funny. We were laughing, recalling the events all the way, on our walk back to our holiday home.

If you are in Bath, look up Krowd Keepers. You will sure not be disappointed.

Fantastic night out

What a brilliant night out. Ben was absolutely fantastic. we was there the same night as a stag do and Ben seemed a bit concerned to start with that they might get a bit rowdy but they were excellent fun and made the evenings entertainment even better. you may get called up but if you don’t want to just say no and you don’t get hassled. Well worth double what they charge. Book it you wont regret it. The magic was excellent and Ben is funny as well. Thanks for a really great couple of hours entertainment.

Such a fun night!!

Absolute bargain of a night and top quality magic. Wasn’t sure what to expect, the room is small and nothing fancy in the upstairs of a pub. However Ben was absolutely fantastic, had us giggling for an hour and a half, the comedy was brill but the magic was really amazing, we have no idea how he does it!! Prepare to leave open-mouthed! Was a brilliant surprise for my hubby, and just as good as magicians on those talent shows..!


Just saw Ben at Krowd Keepers… what an amazing close up magic show and at the bargain price of a tenner! We cried with laughter and were astounded by his trickery! Absolutley loved it and would highly recommend!

It's Magic!

An excellent evening of magic and entertainment! Ben was a great host and involved the whole audience in his tricks. Thank you!

Excellent entertainment for all the family

Attended the show hosted by Ben Woodward Sat 28/7/18 with friends, we had pre booked the tickets , and understand it is usually sold out well in advance. Small personal stage for approximately 30 people and the magic is close and very good. The host we were lucky to see was Ben Woodward an international magician of the highest order who had us laughing from the start to finish with his fast paced family friendly show . Not the type of entertainment we would usually consider but this was well worth the money and is now on our list of things to do when visiting other places.


A+++ Fantastic magic, Ben was hilariously funny and our whole family enjoyed the performance. Must see it while you are in Bath, you will not be disappointed!

Not To Be Missed

Ben Woodward was engaging, funny and a great magician. There were a couple of children in the audience, which made the evening very family friendly. Audience participation throughout. It was an incredibly hot evening, but enjoying nonetheless. Highly recommend. Not to be missed!!!!

Magic at its Best

Don’t be put off by your initial entrance point (which I was at first). The show is upstairs in a basic room, however, this doesn’t matter because Ben throughly entertains you the whole time and the magic is magical

Would definitely recommend it for all age groups (8 to 100 years). Younger children might not get much out of it.

Seats approx 34 people, so intimate. Might be best to pre book so not to be disappointed. If you do pre book they can leave your tickets at the door.

Krowd Keepers Magic Show

Krowd keepers magic show in Bath was fantastic! Mindblowingly clever and very funny and entertaining. Good family fun. I have seen both Tim Stracey and last night Ben woodward i cant recommend them enough. Highly skilled and brilliant humour!

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