"So you are the Conjurer"
The Queen
"Amazing. The best I have ever seen"
Nicholas Cage
"You're the man"
Sir Paul McCartney
"Where's my Watch gone?"
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
"I love your work"
Harry Hill
"Incredible stuff and hilarious"
Dustin Hoffman
"Mad as a hatter!"
Cilla Black
"You amaze me every time"
Ringo Starr

Wedding Magic

If you are wanting to hire a Wedding Magician look no further!

Ben has performed at thousands of Weddings over the years and knows exactly how to add to what already is a fantastic atmosphere. The last thing you need is to worry about the wedding entertainer you have booked. Ben knows exactly what Magic is needed for a wedding and also knows exactly when to perform to fit around speeches, main course of the wedding breakfast etc.

Wedding Magic

It is so important at a wedding that the timings are perfectly planned by your performer. Ben really will add some extra Magic and prove to be the icing on your Cake!

The Perfect Pre-Dinner Wedding Entertainment

During every wedding reception there are always quiet periods when the guests are left waiting. This is the perfect opportunity for Ben to step in to entertain everyone present, keeping spirits lifted and the atmosphere fun. Nobody will even notice how late the bride and groom are or how long the photos are taking when the laughter has already started. Sometimes the newlyweds don’t arrive for an hour.  Ben’’s wedding magic will astonish young and old alike and set the perfect tone for the rest of the day.

Table Magic for your Wedding Breakfast

Once your guests are seated, Ben will move from table to table performing hilarious, mind blowing magic. In between courses, heads will start to turn as everyone becomes curious about the cause of such explosive reactions.  Laughter and applause will abound helping to add to what already is a fantastic atmosphere.

Evening Reception Magic

Once the bride and groom have finished the formalities of the day there is normally a lull in the festivities before the evening’s music and dancing begins. Ben’’s versatility allows for him to mingle with guests as they congregate around the bar or lounge in seating areas. Ben has specific magic for this environment, a mixture of mind trickery and sleight of hand using personal possessions and everyday objects.

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