"So you are the Conjurer"
The Queen
"Amazing. The best I have ever seen"
Nicholas Cage
"You're the man"
Sir Paul McCartney
"Where's my Watch gone?"
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
"I love your work"
Harry Hill
"Incredible stuff and hilarious"
Dustin Hoffman
"Mad as a hatter!"
Cilla Black
"You amaze me every time"
Ringo Starr

Trade Show Magic

Ben is the bait that hooks your leads! Who can pass up a happening booth?

Ben gently draws in the spectators by utilizing the most stimulating visual Magic using his rare ability to attract their curiosity.

Only a professional understanding of the dynamics of such a large gathering can successfully attract the non-committed… and he’s proven to be the magnet.

Trade Show Magic

Build a crowd and convert leads

After he successfully builds a crowd, it’’s time to interject the company’s message into the routines. At the conclusion of his presentation, he delivers the qualified leads over to your sales force to perform their magic.

Sales messages will be customized using amazing magic and mind reading effects

  • Boost traffic flow
  • Create a trade show buzz about your booth
  • Consultation time with you and your sales team
  • Great unique give away ideas
  • Reinforce key messages with entertaining routines
  • Provide excitement at your booth
  • Make lots of new contacts
  • Increase your sales and profits

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