"So you are the Conjurer"
The Queen
"Amazing. The best I have ever seen"
Nicholas Cage
"You're the man"
Sir Paul McCartney
"Where's my Watch gone?"
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
"I love your work"
Harry Hill
"Incredible stuff and hilarious"
Dustin Hoffman
"Mad as a hatter!"
Cilla Black
"You amaze me every time"
Ringo Starr

Street Shows & Festival Magic

Ben has performed his street show all over the World at festivals, outdoor corporate events, sporting events and wherever hospitality and business promotions are required.

Ben’s action-packed street theatre shows combine the art of Magic and sleight of hand and interweaves it with first rate comedy, audience participation and plenty of ‘off the cuff’ improvisation.

Utilising his surroundings and audience every show is unique and attracts huge crowds wherever Ben performs it.

Street Shows and Festival Magic

Magic for family audiences of any nationalitly!

Ben’s performances are tailored for the family audience and plays to any nationality. The madcap scenarios which ensue appeal to all ages.

When Ben takes his magic to the outdoor arena he performs Magic that is very rarely seen so it always creates a real ‘buzz.’ Ben’s animated style keeps an audience totally enthralled throughout the show and his interpretation of the world famous ‘Cup & Balls’ routine is legendary and will leave the audience completely spellbound!

Ben is regularly invited to magic festivals around the world including the highly acclaimed Luis de Matos’s prestigious Encontros Magicos in Portugal where only the world’s elite magicians are invited to perform.

Ben's other Magic Shows: