"So you are the Conjurer"
The Queen
"Amazing. The best I have ever seen"
Nicholas Cage
"You're the man"
Sir Paul McCartney
"Where's my Watch gone?"
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
"I love your work"
Harry Hill
"Incredible stuff and hilarious"
Dustin Hoffman
"Mad as a hatter!"
Cilla Black
"You amaze me every time"
Ringo Starr

Close Up Magic

As magicians go, Ben is in a class of his own when it comes to combining hilarious comedy with incredible magic. At the table you can expect clever card tricks, rings will disappear and appear in an unexpected place.

You will have your mind read, spoons will bend, objects will levitate before your very eyes, all this mixed in with relentless site gags that will have you crying with laughter. When it comes to your ‘Bash’, don’t gamble on getting a second rate performer; book Ben and he will guarantee to deliver a mind blowing performance every time!

Close Up Magic

Close Up Table Magic

As a close-up magician, Ben performs magic right under the nose of his spectators using a variety of incredible sleight of hand, seemingly impossible mind reading effects and also amazing tricks with objects belonging to those around him. Ben really creates a buzz of excitement whenever he interacts with his magic shows and he will always give your watch back!

Greeting New Arrivals – Mix & Mingle

Ben has a disarming wit that can make even the shyest of audiences feel at ease within moments of meeting him for the first time. At informal drinks parties his ability to mix and mingle with guests creates the perfect atmosphere for a fun night out.

Banquets and Dinners

Ben’s quick-fire, high energy style can easily hold the attention of an entire table or Bar area. The only drawback is that other entertainers find him an almost impossible act to follow!

When Ben is at a table he captivates the whole table in no time!

His quick fire punchy effects, leave his audience open mouthed and between the laughter, they are left utterly confused.

Ben always Gives 100% at whatever he does, Unless he is donating Blood!

Ben's other Magic Shows: